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Backing up Facebook content has never been easier!

Facebook is the most used Social Network worldwide. Number of active users is over 2,234 millions of users (October 2018). According to Facebook’s reports, over 350 million new photos are being uploaded to Facebook daily! If you have a Facebook account, you should continue reading it.
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As more and more data is being stored on your iCloud, backing up is becoming increasingly important. Think about it, what will you do if all your data will be lost? The pictures from your honeymoon? Your baby first steps? Winning in a competition? all your precious photos could be lost. 
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What is Cloud Migration?

Cloud migration is the transferring of data, digital assets, services, IT resources, applications or other personal and/or business content from an individual’s or an organization’s onsite computer to the cloud, or moving them from one cloud premise to another. Cloud to Cloud migration involves transferring data between different cloud premises, while cloud service migration involves… View Article
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