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Cloud-to-cloud Migration Case Study

Source & Target Systems: Jungle Disk to SharePoint Online

• Data Uploaded: 80 GB

Items uploaded: 65,535

19,801 Folders

• Timeframe project: 1 day for migration and 1 day more with deltas

• Special Feature: Delta Migration

Jungle Disk to SharePoint Online Migration Case Study

RED74, an IT services management and consulting company in New Jersey and PA, were responsible for managing and executing the Jungle Disk to SharePoint Online migration project. Using Cloudsfer, they migrated successfully about 80 GB of mixed “file share” data – Office documents, PDFs, pictures, .PST files, etc.

Robin Normart, the Managing Director at RED74, told us that he decided to migrate from JungleDisk, because it is an old and outdated platform.  “We wanted to make use of our client’s existing Office 365 subscription that they were already paying for.  Moving their data to SharePoint allowed us to cancel the JungleDisk subscription.  They are now paying less to have their data on a modern file share platform with far more features and flexibility then what they had before”.

“Thanks so much for making our JungleDisk migration so painless! I was really impressed when you guys quickly modified the tool to accommodate my request to preserve that metadata.  ESPECIALLY for a small-scale job like this and for such a niche product like JungleDisk.”

Robin Normart
Managing Director, Service Operations
RED74 IT Support
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1 Day SharePoint Migration

Cloudsfer allows migrate only the newest data into your SharePoint or any target system, using the delta migration feature with a Single Click solution. At first, the company did an initial “seed” copy then did a “delta” or “catchup” copy a few days later when they were ready for the final cutover. The migration took only one day and one day more for the Delta migration. Finally, they successfully migrated 19,801 Folders and about 65,535 items uploaded.

With Cloudsfer they could instantly transfer files from Jungle Disk to SharePoint. Furthermore, using Cloudsfer you can maintain metadata, keep the hierarchy structure and apply filters by file size, creation and modification dates.

“Cloudsfer was wonderful to work with.  It saved us so much time and frustration to be able to migrate direct cloud-to-cloud rather than having to download the data and then upload it to SharePoint.“

Robin Normart
Managing Director, Service Operations
RED74 IT Support

Benefits of using Cloudsfer for Jungle Disk to SharePoint Migration

Robin Normart, the Managing Director at RED74, told us that he chose Cloudsfer because we offered JungleDisk as a supported migration source.  “JungleDisk is a niche product, and it was awesome that Cloudsfer supported it”.

Cloudsfer can help you with easy, fast and secure migration. The service is cloud based and didn’t require any installations. For any case there is a 24/7 support team which are always happy to help as described here.

When RED74 did the first test copy, they noticed that the file modified dates were being lost in the migration – all files on the destination had create/modified dates at the time of the migration.  This would have been a major pain for their client since everyone relies on modified dates to organize and locate data within file shares.  Robin contacted Cloudsfer’s support, and the team made changes on the backend to resolve this issue for the client immediately. 

“It was refreshing to have a vendor care enough to update their platform rather than just tell us to “deal with it.”  Really appreciated the amazing support!”

Robin Normart
Managing Director, Service Operations
RED74 IT Support