Google Photos unlimited free storage? Not Anymore

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Since 2015 Google Photos offering unlimited storage for photos at high-quality resolution. Now they decided to turn this product also into paid subscription services.

Google Photos, the popular cloud photo storage has more than 4 trillion images that are currently stored on the platform, with 28 billion being added every week.

On June 1, 2021, any files uploaded to Google Photos will be counted towards the 15GB default storage that every new Google account gets. If you have a Google One subscription, then it will be counted towards that. After hitting that limit, Google Photos users will have to pay for extra space.


The good news:  all images uploaded before June 1, 2021, will not be counted. This change only applies to images uploaded after the date.

The bad news: if you are inactive on Google Photos for over two years or over your storage limit for over two years, then Google may delete your content across multiple services.

For users who have years of images and videos on Google Photos, switching away may be difficult.

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