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Migrating data during M&As Case Study

• Source & Target Systems: Box to Microsoft suite and OneDrive

• Data Uploaded: 7TB

Items uploaded: 2,3M

320,000 Folders

1500 individual migrations

Users: 750 (Individual migrations were created automatically via Multi User feature).

• Timeframe project: Two weeks with deltas

• Special Features: Delta Migration, Multi User

Data Migration in Mergers/Acquisitions/Divestitures

Companies often change and evolve through mergers/acquisitions/divestitures; however, this process brings with it a broad range of complexity, and the data aspects of this are the most significant of all. The transformation of data from each acquired or divested company systems is a very challenging and time-consuming task. We are going to present our success story with ‘Cynosure’, leading developer and manufacturer of light-based aesthetic and medical treatment systems. The company based in the US and migrated successfully 7TB from Box to OneDrive and Microsoft suite.

“We were being divested from a parent company that was using Box, and we had committed strategically to the Microsoft suite and OneDrive. We had no choice but to move the content”.

Mike Trogolo
Director, IS Infrastructure and Operations

Data Migration Case Study:  Migrate successfully with Cloudsfer after using another tool

At first, the organization started the migration with another migration tool, but they were not satisfied with the migration. Using Cloudsfer, the migration was completed successfully, migrating 2,3 million items (320,000 Folders), typical Box/OneDrive content – mostly Office suite files, PDF’s, and some large audio and video files. The whole Box to OneDrive migration process took about two weeks, and included both in initial migration and Delta migrations (1500 individual migrations).

Cynosure had to migrate 750 users and their largest requirement was that the share permissions would be brought over from Box to OneDrive in the migration, and that new sharing invites would be sent from OneDrive as part of the move.

“The other tool did not meet those goals in the way we required”

Mike Trogolo
Director, IS Infrastructure and Operations

The Benefits of Using Cloudsfer for migrating data from Box to OneDrive and Microsoft suite

Mike tells us that the reasons he chose Cloudsfer were the features of bringing over the share permissions from Box and sending the invites for OneDrive sharing, plus the flexibility and usability of the interface. Cynosure used the Delta Migration feature, moved only missing/changed files in several waves after the initial migration (all using Cloudsfer). The benefit of the Delta migration feature was the comparison of files between the source and destination systems, resulting in a faster process and all files being up-to-date at the time of the cutover. The Cloudsfer interface made managing this process easy.

Using Cloudsfer, you can easily migrate all file types and automatically handle box migration challenges according to Box, Microsoft suite & OneDrive restrictions. The solution is preserving creation and modification date and keeps the hierarchy structure. Administrators are able to manage sub-accounts, choose filtering, maintain permissions and advanced options. Furthermore, Cloudsfer has a Multi User migration feature, allowing automatic creation of user migration at a press of a button. During and after the migration process you can get detailed reports and run delta migration for your Box to OneDrive migration project.

“They were focused on our success”

“Support team was mostly great, and always great during business hours – at times during off-hours we did not get a response from Customer Support, so we had to escalate to Roy (and are SO appreciative that he helped us in those urgent times!). We were under a tight deadline due to unwelcome surprises with the previous tool, and everyone we interacted with was professional, informed, capable and helpful. The team understood our time requirements and worked hard to help us meet our goals. They were focused on our success.”

Mike Trogolo
Director, IS Infrastructure and Operations

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