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Multi data migration Case Study

Robinson & Henry, P.C. law firm data migration

• Source & Target Systems: Box To Google Drive

• Data Uploaded: 4.6 TB

Items uploaded: 2M

Over 520,000 Folders

110 individual user migrations

40 master account split migrations using Cloudsfer’s UI

• Timeframe project: Two weeks with accommodation of deltas

• Special Features: Delta Migration, Multi User migration tool

Google Drive Migration Case Study

Robinson & Henry, P.C., a full-service Colorado law firm, migrated their data from Box to Google Drive using Cloudsfer cloud migration solutions. They migrated successfully 4.6 TB of data and 110 users. At first, the company search for a migration tool and to migrate all their data to one place. Manish Dhakal, the company’s IT Manager told us that they were using Google for email and making the Google Drive as the storage made sense since the google drive started integrating with Salesforce so having all the data in one place makes sense. Robinson & Henry were supposed to migrate initially into Google Shared Drive as per shareholder decision. First consultation call with Robinson & Henry showed some restrictions and limitations pointing the transition into a Google Drive master account for maximum flexibility. Manish took the recommendations to management which agreed to steer the migration process according to Cloudsfer’s recommendations.

box to google drive user migration

Multi data migration Case Study (Multi User Migration)

The company had 110 users to migrate, and they thought what will be the best way to transfer all the data and which storage provider. In the first call, after Cloudsfer’s team understood the company needs, they helped them creating a migration plan and providing some advice that helped the company in their migration process.

“Your support team was very helpful in the process and the data transfer overall was great using Cloudsfer”.

Manish Dhakal
IT Manager
Robinson & Henry, P.C.

Using Cloudsfer, user migration tools the client had the option to maintain metadata and migrate security. When migrating a law firm data, it is very important keep and handle all users collaborations and access levels. They also did regular one to one migration. After the first transformation, Manish used the delta migration feature and migrated only latest changes. With Cloudsfer easy to use UI, the migration was completed successfully, migrating 4.6 TB 2 million items, over 520,000 Folders. The whole Box to Google Drive migration process took about two weeks and included both in initial migration and Delta migrations cutover during the weekends.

migrate from box to google drive

The Benefits of Using Cloudsfer for migrating data from Box to Google Drive

While migrating Box to Google Drive data, you can migrate all type of files, migrate permissions into folders and into specific files, maintain sharing settings, preserving creation and modification date, keep hierarchy structure and it automatically handle migration challenges according to Google Drive’s restrictions. Especially when you have many users to handle, Cloudsfer can help you to perform bulk user migrations to Google Drive and administrators can migrate from Box sub-accounts to their Google Suite sub-accounts. Finally, you can have the Delta feature and migrate the newly data at one click and get full reports of the migration project.

We already know Manish before because he migrated with Cloudsfer before this project, and we are so grateful when we see those customers coming back and using our tools. When we asked him why he choose to use Cloudsfer for that migration he answered:

“I had used Cloudsfer in the past and had also experienced a good service from the company in the past, so it was a choice I made to use Cloudsfer”.

Manish Dhakal
IT Manager
Robinson & Henry, P.C.

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