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File System (on premise) to Cloud migration

File System (NAS) Documents

NAS backup: File System to Cloud migration

Our OPA (on premise agent) enables data migration from various Windows on premise systems to any cloud storage provider supported by Cloudsfer. We provides you a file share to cloud easy & secure san backup.

We provide professional services for File System migration & backup.


The on premise agent is running as a windows service

Cloudsfer agent reads the mapped network drives. It will be available even when the user has logged off or after the computer was restarted.

Cloudsfer integration for File System is designed to quickly migrate data from and/or to File System – In a few quick steps. With Cloudsfer you can copy cloud storage and replicate it to your local environment.

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What are the benefits of using Cloudsfer to migrate content from File System to cloud (NAS to cloud)?

  • Migrate all file types
  • Keep the hierarchy structure
  • Complete Scalability (e.g transfer san to Amazon S3)
  • Maintain Metadata (e.g move san to Egnyte)
  • Preserves modification times stamps (e.g migrate server to cloud and keep the creation/ modification dates)
  • Apply Advanced Options and Delta migrations
  • Your data is fully secured across the migration process. All communications between the systems are encrypted.
  • 24/7 Support for network drive migrations
  • Flexible Scheduling (e.g migrate to cloud server during weekend, off-hours or any other time that fits your needs)
  • The process of transferring the data is done automatically by Cloudsfer, removing the need of manual downloading and re-uploading the files from windows server to cloud (copy san to any S3 compatible storage solutions like Ceph, wasabi and many more)
  • Get a complete migration report
  • Multiple Systems in one UI: Use a common, easy-to-use server migration process for more than 20 cloud systems (e.g. moving from on premise to Office 365, Microsoft Azure Blob Storage to SAN migration, BIM 360 to SMB backup, NAS to OneDrive, WEBDAV to DFS migration and more)

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How to transfer and backup your data from File System to cloud or windows file server backup?

The best NFS migration tool for on the market could be yours

With Cloudsfer, in Just 4 EASY steps you can migrate On Premise File System to over 20 different Cloud Storage Providers at your fingertips, such as NAS to Dropbox migration, GDrive to DFS backup, Egnyte and many more!

  1. Download the OPA agent with the unique Token provided by Cloudsfer
  2. Select the desired source folder
  3. Select your target (e.g. migrate on premise to Azure, NAS to Google Drive, Box to NFS backup and more)
  4. Start the NAS migration process right away or Schedule it for later


System Requirements for windows file server migration:

Microsoft .Net Framework 4.5

Windows Vista and up

Windows Server 2008 and up


Cloudsfer also specialize in Dropbox to Google Drive migration

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