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OpenText to cloud migration

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Enterprise Content Management systems, as we have already seen, are one of the core technologies in the digital workplace, and OpenText has been one of the big providers for the last few years.

However, companies want to increase productivity and reduce cost. A properly deployed cloud strategy can help companies succeed with both. For example, more and more companies migrate their data to a cloud storage for disaster recovery implementations. With Cloudsfer cloud migration tool, you can archive your data from Documentum to Amazon S3 for example. Furthermore, if you are planning to upgrade your systems, remember that 20% of data that you need to save you don’t need to access regularly. It could be left on cloud archives or cold tier storage to save costs and migrate your OpenText eDocs to Microsoft Azure Blob Storage for example.

How to migrate from various OpenText content management service to any cloud?

  1. Export your OpenText data
  2. Use Cloudsfer’s On Premise agent to migrate the data
  3. Select destination cloud storage and start the migration process

OpenText cloud migration tool

Moving from on premise to a cloud storage is like moving to a new house. Careful organization and forward planning can minimize the stress. It’s simple to have someone pack everything up and move it all to your new home. The same happens while moving to the cloud. You need a great migration tool to simply ‘lift and shift’ everything from your on-premise environment to any cloud environment and maintain metadata, keep the hierarchy structure and transfer permissions (e.g user migration from OpenText LiveLink to Dropbox for business) like Cloudsfer. In the end of the migration process don’t forget to get a complete migration report.

At Cloudsfer we can help you migrate your data from various OpenText content management service to any cloud such as migrate from Documentum to box, eDocs (Hummingbird DM) to Google Drive or OpenText LiveLink to Egnyte.

We provide professional services for OpenText migration & backup.

You have many benefits of using Cloudsfer to migrate content from OpenText to cloud like migrate all file types, apply filters by file size, creation and modification dates, 24/7 support, token Based connection, SSL encryption throughout the entire migration process and you can read more on the On Premise to cloud migration page.

Cloudsfer’s On Premise migration tool allows migration from OpenText systems (Documentum, eDocs (Hummingbird DM) and OpenText LiveLink) to following cloud systems: Egnyte, Amazon S3, Google Drive, Box, Dropbox for Business, OneDrive, OpenText to SharePoint Online, Amazon S3, Microsoft Azure Blob Storage and more.