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Google Photos


Google Photos Migration

Google Photos backup has never been easier!

With Cloudsfer migration tool, you can transfer your photos and videos from Google Photos to any cloud storage or backup photos and videos to Google Photos storage from various on premise systems and from any cloud storage (e.g Google Drive photos to Google Photos).

We provide professional services for Google Photos migration & backup.

What is Google Photos?

Google Photos is one of the most used apps for backing up pictures and videos. This is the Google cloud photo storage that you can access from your smartphone (Android or iOS app) and either via a web browser.

Google cloud photos can manipulate, organize, and share your thousands of images. There are lots of benefits of using google photos app like: label the pictures, auto-update albums, make movies and many more features.

google photos backup

What is Google pics backup?

Moving images and videos from one storage system to Google Photos storage or transfer them from Google photos and videos to other cloud storage.

When you wish to upload to your Google Photos account a large amount of data, you should use a third-party migration tool. This process is easier with Cloudsfer since it easy to use, secure and has a 24/7 support team. Furthermore, Cloudsfer can handle any number and size of migrations and apply filters according to file type and creation date. After you have finished your migration you can read a complete migration report and apply a delta migration (transfers at a press of a button newly uploaded photos and videos that were added since the last run). Using Cloudsfer, you can upload pictures to Google Photos without affecting your source system. The migration process will be automated by Cloudsfer allowing you to add photos to your Google Photos account. You can use our Google Photo FTP integration to copy your pictures from Google Photos to any other supported system.

How to backup Google Photos?

  1. Register to Cloudsfer for free.
  2. Select the desired albums you wish to backup.
  3. Select your target (e.g. Google Photos to Google Drive).
  4. Run the migration right away or Schedule it for later.

Check out the systems we support for Google Photos back up:

Cloudsfer enables data migration from Google Photos and to Google Photos with the following systems:

Move from Google Photos to Box, Google Drive, Dropbox, transfer Google Photos to OneDrive, Amazon S3, Microsoft Azure Blob Storage, Alibaba Cloud OSS, Backblaze B2. Cloudsfer also supports migration from File System to Google Photos ,Google Photos ftp integration, 500px to Google Photos, Flickr, Picasa,  move from Facebook to Google Photos, Instagram to Google Photos and many more.

Remember, digital images can be lost forever…. Just be sure to make a backup of your memories!