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Backup Google Drive & GSuite Migration

Google Drive is Google’s cloud storage & collaboration service and one of the most popular cloud storage which provides plenty of free storage! Its other advantages include easy upload & syncing via mobile device, desktop app, integration with other Google products such as Google Photos or GSuite. In addition to collaborate with existing files, Google Drive allows users to create and edit existing files from any device. Cloudsfer provides you smooth migration to Google Workspace (new name for G Suite). With the ability of google file transfer you can use all your Google accounts including transfer photos from Google Drive to Google Photos. With Cloudsfer you can maintain permissions ,migrate shared drives and security while migrating to Google Drive.

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How to migrate Google native files without any limitation?

If you want to transfer files from Google Drive, first, you must check the migration limitations. Currently, Google Drive API has a limitation that prevents migration of native files over 10MB. Native Google files include Google Docs, Google Sheets, and Google Slides. However, Cloudsfer can help you migrate Google Drive native files even more than 10MB.

This is a well-known limitation that Google Drive API won’t download of native files that are more than 10MB. Our team developed a unique workaround solution for this limitation and if you are using Cloudsfer you can migrate Google Drive native files without any size limitation. Contact us in advance for more information.

Please note: Google Native file does not affect your Google Drive storage and displayed as a file with no size. When a Native file is downloaded using Cloudsfer – Slides, Sheets and docs would be converted to files with actual size. It is a common scenario that Native files go over the 10MB limit – especially for Presentations.

Google files and Microsoft documents can be auto converted to Google Native files using Cloudsfer to migrate into Google Drive.

We provide professional services for Google Drive migration & backup.

Google provides a business edition of Google Drive as part of Google for Work suite known as Google Workspace (formerly GSuite, Google Drive for Work).

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How to transfer files to Google Drive?

  1. Register for free to Cloudsfer.
  2. Select your source system (e.g transfer Dropbox to Google Drive).
  3. Select your Google Drive folders.
  4. Schedule the migration process or run it right away.

 Take one minute to watch how to transfer files from box to Google Drive:

Using Cloudsfer’s user-friendly Google Drive data migration tool you can migrate Google Drive content to any of our supported systems. Here are some of the many benefits of using Cloudsfer to migrate content from and to Google Drive & Google Drive for Business:

  • Support of migrating Google Native Documents such as Google Doc, Google Sheets, etc.
  • Migrate all file types
  • Keep hierarchy structure
  • Maintain sharing settings (when migrating to Box and SharePoint Online from Google Drive)
  • Perform bulk users migration to GSuite (e.g migrate box to Google Drive)
  • Administrators can migrate from/ to their Google Suite sub-accounts
  • Preserving original file modification date
  • Automatically handle migration challenges according to Google Drive’s restrictions


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Google Drive backup: Cloudsfer supports migrations from and to Google Drive with 30+ integrations such as:

Transfer Google Drive to cloud storage, move from OneDrive to google driveTransfer files from Google Drive to Dropbox, Google Drive to Egnyte, Move to Google Drive from Amazon S3, Google Drive to Google Drive, move files from Box to Google Drive, With Cloudfser you can also migrate to google drive from NAS and many On Premise and cloud systems like SharePoint On Premise and SharePoint online to Google Drive, Office 365 Google Drive migration.