OneDrive has doubled the amount of cloud storage without raising the price!

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Now you can enjoy OneDrive’s new pricing and create your new OneDrive backup!


Microsoft lets you buy more cloud storage at the same price.

Just want to transfer Google Drive to OneDrive? OneDrive is doubling the amount you get in the OneDrive standalone plan.

That’s twice as many pics, docs, videos, and more!

backup OneDrive


Want to migrate to OneDrive for business?

With Cloudsfer you can easily migrate Box to OneDrive for business or from any cloud, NFS (local storage) or any on premise system to OneDrive.


Did you know?

Office 365 subscribers will now have the option to add additional OneDrive storage to their plan in increments.


One more reason why to backup OneDrive….

Microsoft also announced that they added an extra security layer to its OneDrive storage service!


Migrating file shares to OneDrive for business or migration to OneDrive from on premise systems or any cloud storage with Cloudsfer’s OneDrive migration tool.






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