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We’ve got some exciting news to share with all of our dear readers!

Your favorite cloud migration solution got important recognition from no other than the leading software review site online. Cloudsfer underwent a review by trusted B2B directory and came out with a perfect 100% user satisfaction rating, and two amazing awards.

Reviewers observed the following features and capabilities of Cloudsfer:

  • Simplifies backing up and transfer of files from on-premise or cloud storage to another cloud-based location.
  • Operates with speed, accuracy, and security in file transfers.
  • Works with over 20 popular cloud storage providers like DropBox, Google Drive, Facebook, Box, and Amazon Drive, among others.
  • Schedules transfer tasks according to user-set time and date.

We’ve designed Cloudsfer to streamline cloud migration to make it as easy and seamless as possible to move and back up your files. You can even move multiple users while keeping intact your permissions, security features, and metadata. Whether you are transferring files from an on-premise location or moving documents from the cloud, our platform simplifies the whole process from start to finish.

Reviewers found Cloudsfer’s features quite robust and helpful for those seeking a most convenient way of migrating files to the cloud. For this, Cloudsfer has been conferred the 2017 Rising Star Award and Great User Experience Award for backup software review by FinancesOnline. The awards are granted to selected products that have gained customer traction through solid performance and total usability.

We extend our deepest thanks to FinancesOnline for these distinctions. To our pleasant surprise, a bonus awaited us. As a result of the awards and positive reviews and ratings, Cloudsfer was catapulted to the clouds (so to speak) in rankings. We’ve been elevated into FinancesOnline’s elite group of the most popular top backup software tools, joining other big-name products in this category.

For those requiring a backup solution, we enjoin you to give Cloudsfer a try. We just got a huge stamp of approval by experts which means you’re getting one of the best products around for your backup needs.

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